Cheap pre wedding photography bali

Cheap pre wedding photography bali

You want to be smart about how much money you need to spend for good pre-wedding photos in Bali? Before we dive into it lets see what happened to a young couple who wanted to be smart. But turned out pretty dumb in the end. And they were still saving money for their upcoming wedding. The couple heard that Bali was the ideal location for their pre-wedding photographs because it was cheap to fly there, had plenty of inexpensive accommodation options. And many other couples have gone to Bali before to have their engagement photos taken there. They did some research online. At the temple wall Most couples book their flight to Bali and their accommodation in Bali separately from the pre-wedding photo package. To understand the true cost of a pre-wedding photographer in Bali we need to look at all the things that you will need for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Usually, this consists of:. Some pre-wedding photographers in Bali offer packages where all of the above is already included. But due to fierce competition, there are many photographers in Bali who work with backdoor fees and surprise fees. The packages look very inexpensive at first to lure you into their service. But once you signed up additional fees or surprise fees can pop up. A car picks you up at your hotel and brings you back after the shoot. The same car and driver will also bring you to all the photo locations which you will go during your photoshoot. Ask your pre-wedding photographer if your stylist stays until the end of the shoot. Or if there are extra fees for her if she stays until the end. Most couples who do a pre-wedding or honeymoon photo shoot in Bali will want to use some nice dresses and costumes. If your photographer offers dress rental then ask if it is included in your package. Also please note most couples change their dresses several times during the photoshoot. Careful some photographers may include only one wedding dress and charge you extra if you want to use more than one dress. Because otherwise, you may need to spend more money and also much more time to get your dresses from somewhere else. There are some dress rental companies in Bali, but their services are quite expensive. Therefore you better choose a Bali pre-wedding photographer who already has dress rental included in your package. With so much pre-wedding photography in Bali, many of the popular photo locations charge entrance fees. Those fees vary greatly. Some photographers have the fees for locations already included in their packages. That is how it should be. Other Bali pre-wedding photographers let you pay the entrance fees at each location you go. Not a very good idea, because there is a very good chance you will need to pay more because you are a foreigner Therefore, I highly recommend you choose a photographer who gives you a package that has already everything included. It usually turns out less expensive for you.

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Cheap pre wedding photography bali
Searching a wedding photographer who understands your vision and captures exactly what you had hoped for is like searching for a needle in a haystack. A photographer should need to have an artistic eye that will capture every story of your big day. In weddings, photography is one of the most prioritized aspects as couples want to capture their once in a lifetime romantic event. Your wedding day will pass so quickly, so it would be easy to miss the moments that made it uniquely yours. Gusmank Wedding Photography is known for their light and airy wedding pictures captured with a hint of photojournalistic style. Their signature look is a product of maximising natural light, creating spacious photos that are refreshing to the eyes. With precise timing and distinctive framing, the team can capture the raw emotions of the moment and encapsulate it for an emotional-inducing experience every time you look back at the memories. This experience allowed him to view weddings from different perspectives and helped him develop his unique film and digital camera hybrid method. No doubt that this Fujifilm X Influencer knows his way around top-of-the-line equipment. You can read their astounding 5-star rating on Google from 98 reviews. With Gusmank Wedding Photography, your most precious wedding moments will surely be captured in the best, most natural way, leaving you with heart-warming keepsakes of your special day. Check out their portfolio here. Gusmank Wedding Photography Jl. Tirtanadi II, No. Danny-Halim Photography does a terrific job in capturing memorable moments through photography. Danny Halim who owns the company is actually specializing in videography. Still, he does great works for your photos. Danny-Halim Photography Jl. Cokroaminoto Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia www. Rudy Lin Photography is a Bali-based photographer and videographer team that offers incredible wedding and pre-wedding services. Aside from this Rudy Lin is also open in photography for fashion, interior, human interest, and stock photos among others. Looking through the photos they shoot will always take you straight back to that special moment. Bali Pixtura loves to shoot in natural surroundings while capturing the love of the couple. They have such a great eye for lovers as well as the backdrop and surroundings. Founded in by Bayu and Ivony, they already served hundreds of weddings and prenuptial events inside and outside Bali. During the shoot, Bali Pixtura also like to have fun and Bayu loves to joke around and has all the technical abilities to produce stunning photos. Perfect for an outdoor wedding, they can make your big day shine even in pictures. Gusde Photography focuses on capturing real moments. Gusde together with Adiwarna and Mario are multi award-awarded wedding photographers and proud members of Fearless Photographers. They treat their clients not just typical customers but as good friends. He met with Nico who also has the same passion for photography after the latter came back from Germany.

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You want an affordable Bali Wedding Photographer who creates candid, natural-looking pictures. Your Bali wedding photographs will be carefully edited; ensuring a stunning presentation. Photographs you will be proud of. We also offer a range of coffee table, magazine style photo albums. Or photos on disc only at very competitive rates. Our wedding photography and video packages range from 2-hour photography only up to full day packages. Learn more about your affordable Bali wedding photographers and contact us. Please see what we have to offer and explore the many photo galleries on this website. We offer affordable wedding photography packages from 2 hours only up to full day packages with one or two photographers. We also have packages with photo-disc only as well as packages with attractive magazine style albums and much more. BALI has become the prime destination for pre-wedding and engagement photos. We also offer complete pre-wedding photo packages and photo tours. Our pre-wedding photography tours can be either half day or full day tours. In addition to wedding photography, we also offer Bali wedding videos. Our wedding video services can be tailored from small 2-hour video packages with one camera up to full day wedding videos with several cameramen and lighting. Our videos are filmed by a team of experienced videographers and delivered to clients on DVDs with stylish packaging…. Guys,Me and Michael we feel so lucky that we had you as our photographer. We are very happy with the photographs and in particular with high amount of photographs you provided. Excellent work guys - we really appreciate it and will cherish it for a life time. Thank you for absolutely beautiful photos of our wedding! Your photographer captured the moments perfectly. I'll definitely be recommending you to all my friends who get married in Bali. Your photographers did a fantastic job at our wedding. We love the photos. And the album looks fantastic. Everyone commented positively about it. We feel it was a great help that we could choose the photos that go into the album ourselves and could approve each and every page before it was printed. Thank you so much. We did not know what to expect because you guys are really affordable. And we were blown away by the quality and artistry of our wedding photos.

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And of course I have recommendations for you It is great that couples can get good value for their money but a little caution is in order when evaluating your options. And those 'lemons' are certainly not affordable Wedding Photographers in Bali. If you end up with poor photographs of your wedding those 'lemons' were actually pretty expensive. Bear in mind that from your wedding in Bali the only thing that will remain with you for a life-time are the photographs and your wedding certificate. If there is something wrong with the decoration of your wedding venue, or with your wedding dress or if the dinner is not as tasty as expected then this will certainly cause grievances but after a few days, a few weeks or a few months it will be all forgotten. But not your wedding photographs! They will likely remain with you for a lifetime and beyond. Therefore, even if photography is not of very high importance for you, it still makes sense to chose wisely or have regrets for a long time. It is things like the experience of the photographer, his or her ability to communicate with you and your guests, whether he brings backup equipment and a lot of other factors which most couples are not aware of until it is too late. The list of potential pitfalls is long and it would go beyond the scope of this article to list them all. Therefore, I rather point you towards your best option for affordable wedding photographers in Bali. Professional wedding photography without any unpleasant surprises. Three such photographers I can wholeheartedly recommend to you:. Martin Dewata is a local Balinese photographer. Martin has over 5 years experience with international couples. He is quite popular due to his comparably inexpensive services and good quality of his photographs and his services. Jo Yu is the ideal choice for clients who love this classic, timeless film-look. He creates photographs with a touch of Vintage. Pictures that touch the soul And I feel that this holds true when you look at his work. His attention to detail and the way he plays with light and shadow create a style of photography that is very much in demand nowadays. Jo Yu - Film look photographer.

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Cheap pre wedding photography bali
OneThreeOneFour is a destination wedding photography company. Bali is a hot location for couples! It has beautiful villas, affordable food and plenty of stunning locations for a photoshoot. Couples often ask me questions such as, how much are pre-wedding photography packageswhere should I go for my photoshootwhen should I go to Bali? Pre-wedding photo shoots generally comes in half day or full day sessions. What are the main differences between each pre-wedding package? Bali offers tons of outdoor pre-wedding photoshoot locations! You have the mountains in the north, fine sandy beaches all around the east and west cost, and lush green rich paddy fields in central Bali. We will introduce you some of the locations you should consider when planning your pre-wedding photoshoot in Bali. See our 10 recommended spots for your pre-wedding in Bali. Looking for somewhere beyond the main island of Bali? Especially during the sunset hours! Tegenungan Waterfall is close to Ubud. Let the rays of sunlight shine into the area, creating a beautiful bokeh effect! We recommend that you visit places like Mount Batur in the morning, to catch the first light! Because of the location and time, most couples will need to wake up at 2AM to prepare for the makeup so that they will make it in time. See also: Pre-wedding photoshoot in the mountains of Bali. The mangrove forest is a great location, especially to escape from the afternoon heat! The thick canopy of the mangroves provides a nice shade. These place are great for couples look for a touch of Bali cultural traditions that cannot be found anywhere else! There are plenty of themed restaurants and cafe in Bali, like the photo above taken at the Bistrot Cafe! Bali is huge. It takes 90 mins to travel up north from Seminyak to the area of Kintamani. Across the island of Bali, there are plenty of spots that have become popular locations for pre-wedding photoshoots. Some parks charges an entrance fee, others charge a photo fee to couples who are using their space for photoshoot. In some cases, you may want to hire a horse or a camel for your photoshoot, you will need to pay extra to rent them too. Take note that these fees are charged by the management of the location, not by the photographers. See also: Compilation of location fees in Bali. The best time to go for your wedding photoshoot will be in the months of April, May, June and July. This is when there is less rain so plenty of clear weather for your photoshoot. The rainy season is between the months of November and March. If your schedule allows, avoid visiting Bali during the peak season between August and September. Accommodation prices goes up and the island gets crowded, which makes traveling around the island difficult because of the traffic. I hope this guide will serve couples who are planning to do their wedding or engagement photoshoot in Bali. If you see anything that needs to be fixed or updated, feel free to leave us a comment below. Learn More. Join us for a hassle-free wedding photoshoot in your dream destination. Explore Destinations.

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Also, food throughout was excellent and little Reykjavik is as creatively trendy as any hype metropolis. It was all very convenient, the service was always friendly, and I always had my questions answered. This was the best service I've ever experienced. Everyone was nice, everything was simple, and I had the best vacation of my life (despite the uncooperative weather). Our trip was amazing. The hotels and day trips were all very good. Hilmar was brilliant before we flew out to Iceland. Always very quick to respond, friendly and very informative with any questions we had. Was so lovely to have a bottle of champagne and lovely chocolates waiting for us in our room when we arrived. It made the start to our honeymoon very special. We even got to see the Northern Lights too on our second attempt. Superb holiday - thank you so much. We found the whole experience excellent. There was a lot of driving, yet stress free apart from a blizzard. Doing a circular tour of the country was so interesting, after the first day we thought it may be a case of "same as" but every day was different and enjoyable. We were lucky 3 nights with the "lights" and some beautiful sunny days wonderful sights and beautiful countryside. We have not hesitated to tell others of our experience and now find some friends and family have now added it to their 'bucket list'. Hilmar made scheduling the trip very easy. The emails were very prompt and once we arrived, we were able to continue adding activities at the last minute with no trouble. The buses to and from sites were very nice and the guides were all so enthusiastic and friendly. Iceland is beautiful in the winter. Bali - Chirag x Dolly

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